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Breaking ground for our new sugarhouse!  April 2016

The new sugarhouse!  Not too bad!
cards dumps

Sarah teaching a tubing installation class with Steve Bedard and Eric Miller at the Lake Erie Maple Expo in November 2015.

Our remote pump station.  Inside is a Busch 3hp vacuum pump and storage tank for sap.  We have the pumps in a small insulated room inside and the rest is tank storage.  4500 trees at this station.  

Our 4500 tap woods.  Josh installed this system.

10th generation sugar maker in training!  He boiled twice, stood watch the entire time and made 1.5 quarts!  He loves going on sap runs and his favorite part is taste testing!  He asks to stay up to go on late night sap runs with dad and I can't say no because when I was his age I did the same thing.... 

Our showroom center piece.

Beautiful batch of Dark Robust from 3/12/16.

Our reverse osmosis machine, a 1200 GPH Lapierre New Generation.  It is my new love!  

Booth at the MMSA show in January 2016

Our sap hauler.  1000 gallon  tank on a 16'  gooseneck dump trailer.  

The evaporator.  A 3'x12' Lapierre Turbo 2, oil fired.  We have a modulating draw off on it, that is amazing....  We burn about 10 gallons of fuel oil per hour, evaporate about 150 gallons per hour and make about 1 gallon of syrup every 3 minutes.  

Unloading the new evaporator.... My nerves were a bit crazy!

Moving it into the sugarhouse.

Roof jacks and stack all in!

Josh getting ready to fire up for the first boil!  
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