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Please check out our Facebook group "Maple Sugarmakers Buy Sell Trade"!  Group members consist of producers from all over the maple region and you can post items you have for sale, or you can post discussion questions.  Here is the link: 

2'x10' Wood Fired Evaporator with newer pans - $8000

2'x10' evaporator (6' drop flue with 4' cross flow syrup pan). Copper pre-heater. Hoods. 12″ steam stack. Defoamer dripper installed in hood for flue pan near float box inlet. Same side reverse draw-off. Marcland full feature draw-off with dual select switch and dual brass paddle valves.
The arch firebox is approximately 3' with a 1' transition. (the drop flues sit directly over the 6' shortened part of the evaporator). Fully bricked/insulated with split brick and 2600º F ceramic fiber board. Air under fire (including fan in sale) and air over fire capable (manifold installed but not selling fan). Air tight insulated front with sight glass. all stainless steel front and side sheeting. 10″ smoke stack.
This evaporator is in great shape and has been well taken care of. Producer sell out sale. Located in Vassar, MI.  

Like New Lapierre Turbo 600 GPH Reverse Osmosis Machine - $11,000

2015 Lapierre Turbo 600, 2000 series, 5hp, CN129-060005AX
Lapierre Valve Panel 0.75"x0.75" CN020-001212XX
This RO has only been used 1 season. It has a MARK E8 membrane.  Storage canister for membrane and wash tank included.  This machine has been properly maintained and cleaned according to the manufacturers manual. Owner also has some accessories for this machine he is willing to sell. Located in Vassar MI.

Vacuum Pumps - Atlas Copco GV40

Single phase vacuum pump
One is brand new, never used - $3500, the other has been used for one season - $3000.  Located in Vassar, MI.  Producer sell out.

2000 Gallon Bulk Dairy Tank - $2500

Excellent Condidtion.  Used for maple sap storage, previously used for milk. Food grade use full time. Producer sell out, located in Vassar, MI

600 Gallon Zero Tank - $900

600 gallon zero tank. Has not been rated for vacuum. Used for storage of maple sap. Food grade products full time. Located in Vassar MI. Producer sell out.

Lapierre Sap Lift with 6" Manifold - $500

Excellent condition. Lapierre sap lift with 6" manifold uses vacuum to lift sap up about 12 feet. This can handle approximately 400 taps worth of sap. Located in Vassar, MI. Producer sell out.

Giles Bernard 213 Sap Extractor - $1150

Excellent Condition. Giles Bernard model 213. This is a double mechanical sap extractor. Good for up to 3000 taps. Well maintained. Asking $1150, located in Vassar MI, producer sell out.

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